NVIDIA Aerial Research Cloud: Aerial Product Brief Summary

Let’s go through this and document what we see

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so this is the product brief for the Aerial Research Cloud SDK open beta from NVIDIA.

Let’s get started

go to this page

And you will see a large table of contents.

Let’s go to the first one, Aerial SDK Overview.

NVIDIA is the global leader in GPU accelerated computing and is enabling a fully cloud-native virtual 5G RAN solution to support a wide range of next-generation edge AI and RAN services using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers.

RAN stands for radio access network, which seems to be different from what’s called the “core network”

NVIDIA Aerial SDK provides 5G wireless radio access network solution, with inline L1 GPU acceleration for 5G NR PHY processing. It supports a full stack framework for a gNB integration L2/L3 (MAC, RLC, PDCP), along with manageability and orchestration. Aerial SDK also supports non 5G signal processing use cases. NVIDIA Aerial SDK package simplifies building programmable and scalable software defined 5G RAN PHY with the following 2 components:

A full stack for gnB integration. So great, we got cell towers.

CUDA Baseband (cuBB): The NVIDIA cuBB SDK provides GPU accelerated 5G signal processing pipeline including cuPHY for Layer 1 5G PHY, delivering unprecedented throughput and efficiency by keeping all physical layer processing within the high-performance GPU memory

ok so we have a signal processing pipeline.

DOCA GPUNetIO: A new library to enable GPU-initiated communications so a CUDA kernel can invoke the CUDA device functions in the DOCA GPUNetIO…